Welcome to Ecuador: Attractive Real Estate Investments in a growing economy

The equatorial sunshine - Ecuador´s got it all - Find your new home, land for sale, tropical oceanfront properties, and affordable places to retire. Ecuador’s economy is the eighth largest in Latin America, which attracts more investors and business owners.

Quito - Plaza.jpgWhere is The Republic of Ecuador?

Located at the Equator in the Northwestern part of South America surrounded by Colombia and Peru, Ecuador is home to an estimated 2014 population of 15 million residents. The noticeable increase of expats is even more expected. Quito is the capital city and where most government branches are located. The largest commercial city is Guayaquil with over 2 million people. The country got its name because it overlaps the equator.

Perfect for professionals and retirees

Thanks to the adoption of the US dollar as the countries legal tender Ecuador has seen a rapid rise in the past decade. Named the top retirement destination because of its affordability, and now being recognized by young professionals moving to Ecuador for identical reasons – No country in the hemisphere offers such high level of infrastructure with such a low cost of living.

International interest

Cities like Guayaquil and Manta attracts tourist, retirees, and vacationers because of its economic growth over the last decade, but it is the beaches of Olón and Bahia, the colonial charm of Cuenca and Quito and the landscape covered with mountains of Cotacachi that grab the attention of the international community.

Find your place in Ecuador

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